You get more opportunities to earn miles by taking advantage of the offers of our partners from different business areas.



“Perekrestok” is a Federal retail network. Nowadays the company is a leader for sales in the supermarket format in Russia. Currently “Perekrestok” includes 500 shops located in more than 120 Russian cities and towns.

Through the use of innovative trading technologies, “Perekrestok” is the leader in providing fresh food products at the best prices. “Perekrestok” provides a high level of service and comfortable shopping. Supermarkets are focused on people who appreciate the quality of food, comfort and their time.

“Perekrestok” is the main shop in your district!

How to earn miles

Just do the usual purchases in network “Perekrestok” and earn points of the Club Perekrestok. Exchange points to miles at the rate of 12 points for 1 mile!

In order to exchange points for miles, use the converter in the personal account of the Club Perekrestok. Do not forget to specify the S7 Priority membership number.

Learn more about the Club Perekrestok

Pharmacy chain 36.6

Аптечная сеть 36,6

Pharmacy chain 36.6, one of the leaders in the beauty and health products retail, has become a new partner of S7 Priority. Now loyalty programme members can receive discounts on purchases all while taking care of their longevity and well-being. Just show the bar code from S7 Airlines mobile app at the pharmacy register and get a 5% discount.

Pharmacies offer buyers high-quality goods at affordable prices. Enjoy your life, play sports, discover the world and achieve your goals.

36.6 Pharmacies. The health you deserve.

How to get a discount

  • Install or update the S7 Airlines mobile app for iOS or Android.
  • Open the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and log in to the My Account using e-mail and password or card number and PIN (in case of transfer of authorization data to third parties the safety of your miles and data is not guaranteed).
  • Click the icon on the image of the S7 Priority card in the sidebar or in the My Account section.
  • Show the bar code image at the register each time you pay at the 36.6 Pharmacies and get a 5% discount.
  • Not a member of S7 Priority? This is your opportunity to become one!

The discount does not cover vital and essential medicines and does not apply to orders made through online pharmacy S7 Priority partner: LLC Apteka-A. v. e, Russia, 115093, Moscow, ul. Bolshaia Serpuhovskaia, d. 44, office 19, Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1117746309526.

+7 495 79-76-366 | |



AIZEL is an online store of fashionable brand clothes, shoes and accessories. The company unites over 200 top brands and offers a full range of services for convenient online shopping:

  • european prices
  • payment after trying on;
  • return of clothes at the store’s expense;
  • opportunity to pre-order new collections right off runways;
  • consultations of professional stylists;
  • exclusive photo shoots;
  • reviews and interviews, which will help you to make the right choice in forming your closet.

A distinguishing feature of AIZEL is quality client service, prompt responses to clients’ orders and risk-free shopping.

How to earn miles

Making purchases in the online store, S7 Priority members get an opportunity to earn up to 3 000 bonus miles, if they specify programme member number at the moment of the purchase.

The more purchases you make, the more miles you get:

The amount of the purchase, RUB Number of miles
from 3 500 to 7 499 100
from 7 500 to 14 999 250
from 15 000 to 29 999 500
from 30 000 to 49 999 1 000
from 50 000 to 99 999 1 500
from 100 000 or more 3 000

In accordance with the programme rules miles will be accrued within 45 days to one programme member’s card in respect of goods paid on the website You can claim miles within 150 days after the purchase day.

+7 495 287-85-55, +7 800 100-28-28 |


Yota is a federal wireless carrier that provides mobile services and high-speed 4G Internet. The competitive advantages of Yota rates include free communication within the network and free roaming across Russia, unlimited mobile apps for communication, convenient roaming services when you are abroad, and a mobile application that will help you monitor your expenses and manage communication services efficiently. Yota also has its own line of modern 4G modems, which are suitable for those who are accustomed to a high-quality and fast Internet connection. The company is constantly working on improving the quality of services to provide its customers with a stable connection and a top-notch service.

Benefits for Customers

Plans / SIM Cards

  • 4G Mobile Internet;
  • Internet packages;
  • Free courier delivery of your SIM card the very next day / fast delivery in Moscow within 90 minutes;
  • Messaging apps work while roaming, even if there are no funds available for the Internet services;
  • User-friendly ordering process;
  • User-friendly mobile app.


  • Unlimited 4G Internet for all laptops and PCs;
  • The Interview is available even if your balance is zero;
  • Compact and light modems;
  • Free courier delivery the very next day;
  • 7-day trial at no extra charge;
  • User-friendly ordering process.

How to Get Miles

S7 Priority members can earn miles:

  • 300 miles for a SIM card;
  • 20 miles for every 100 rubles spent on the purchase of a modem.

To get miles, you need:

  • Click on the «Go» button;
  • Before shopping, make sure that your shopping cart for the online shopping website is empty, or delete the items that are in it. After clearing the cart, you have to follow the link on or in your email one more time and place your order.

Before you start shopping, make sure that:

  • you do not use promotional codes, additional discounts or bonuses of other programs;
  • you accept to receive and store cookies in your browser;
  • you have disabled ad-blocking programs (e.g, AdBlock, etc.);
  • you are not using the mobile version of the online shopping website.

Miles are credited only for purchases made by S7 Priority Program Members on online shopping websites after following the link to the selected online store from the website. If you make purchases without following (clicking on) the link to the online store on the website (i.e., the purchases are made directly on the online store websites), miles do not get credited under any circumstances. In case of problems with the link to the online store website, the Member should contact the S7 Priority Program service center at 8 800–700–9010, +7 495–783–0707,

Miles are credited for the total amount of your after discounts. The miles will be credited during the period of time set by the program rules and within 45 days after receiving information about the completed purchase from the partner. Miles are not credited for shipping services. When making purchases on the website or by following a link in your S7 Priority email, terms and conditions of other bonus / discount programs do not apply, with the exception of special offers from the online store.

The S7 Priority program is not responsible to its Members for untimely and poor-quality provision of the online store services, for refusal of the online store to fulfill obligations to the customer, and for any technical problems of the online store websites and other circumstances for which the respective online store is responsible.

S7 Priority’s partner is Admitad: SPARTA LLC, 127015, Moscow, 23 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St, building 3, OGRN 1107746479213.